CoreLife Eatery
We’ve created CoreLife Eatery to bring clean, healthy and great tasting foods to everyone every day. We feature hearty bowls that are complete meals in themselves featuring greens, grains and bone broths. All of our ingredients are free of GMOs, trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners and other artificial additives. Our chicken and steak are sustainably raised, and never ever given antibiotics or hormones. We buy local when and where we can, in fact, check out our “local” wall to see what’s in season around us. We also believe that hiring local team members to prepare our food, and paying them well, is much better than having it come “ready to eat” from a manufacturing plant across the country.
  • Monday           11AM - 8PM
  • Tuesday          11AM - 8PM
  • Wednesday     11AM - 8PM
  • Thursday         11AM - 8PM
  • Friday               11AM - 8PM
  • Saturday          11AM - 8PM
  • Sunday             11AM - 8PM